Masjid al Jamia

The best places in the sight of Allah are masjids.

About us

Masjid Al Jamia

Masjid Al-Jamia offers five daily prayers, and the Friday congregational prayer.  It also sponsors regular lectures, an annual Ramadan program associated with the month of fasting, and prayers for Eid. The mosque also provides weekend Islamic School for children.


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Our Services

These services are offered at the masjid

5 daily prayers

Jummah prayer

Ramadan Taraweeh

Eid Salat

Quran Classes

Islamic Questions

Marriage Counseling

Nikkah Service

Janaza Prayer

Children Quran Tahfiz

Tahfiz classes for school students on Tuesday and Wedesday at 6:30pm lasting 2 hours

Weekend Islamic School

Weekend school is on saturday and sunday in the morning from 9am to Salat Dhuhr